Underwater Services

We are fully equipped to aid in all your underwater service needs including underwater concrete repair, underwater welding and burning, inspections, non-destructive testing, mechanical installation, tank inspections and coating repair.

Underwater Concrete Repair

We have extensive experience in addressing leakage in hydraulic and water conveying structures. This type of work requires an understanding of water pressure and its damaging effects. It is our job to permanently seal cracks, undermining, as well as construction and expansion joints. We do so by combining the use of specialized hydrophilic caulks and chemicals, epoxy, and cement-based materials.

Underwater Welding and Burning

Glenn Underwater Services (GUS) has developed a program to increase efficiency and safety while meeting all QA requirements. Many of our divers are skilled in underwater welding, allowing GUS to respond quickly to any welding or burning needs. This reduces time on site and cost by not having to expedite specialized personnel from another location to your project. Our underwater welding experts are Loyds Registered certified and have worked worldwide.


GUS provides a broad range of underwater inspection and data collection services, utilizing a variety of sophisticated technologies to record images and data. All inspections are programmed and performed under strict controls that ensure accurate and repeatable data.

Non-destructive Testing

GUS utilizes advanced technology to perform non-destructive testing above and below the waterline. Our equipment and procedures are deployed by divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Exact data location, proper collection and organization are key to performing long-term life-cycle analysis of any structure.

Mechanical Installations

Our mechanical services allows us to perform underwater installations and underwater repairs within very exacting tolerances, while working in water depths exceeding 200-feet and with limited visibility. Being able to properly install, align, anchor gates, valves, stems, guides, etc. requires our divers to posses both a strong mechanical and mathematical aptitude. Utilizing 3-D imagery provided increases onsite understanding of equipment and components reducing time onsite and costs.

Tank Inspections

GUS has extensive experience in the underwater inspection and underwater repair of all types of water storage tanks: in-ground concrete, blasted rock, on-ground steel or concrete, and elevated steel. Our inspection programs incorporate both divers and remotely operated vehicles allowing us to properly evaluate steel thickness, corrosion, coating thickness and debris levels in the tank.

Coating Repair

We utilize a comprehensive process for all underwater coating applications and repairs including; proper cleaning, preparation and application specific coating selection(s). Our unique process assures that QA programs for coating applications are understood and transferred to the field diver preparing and applying the coating. Long term monitoring of GUS coating applications has proven that our systems work and have provided long-term service lift to our customers.

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