Surveys & Inspections

Glenn Underwater Services provides a variety of inspection services, using technology to provide its clients with detailed, accurate data.   Services are performed above and below water including: Level I, II, and III NDT, topside and underwater of metal, concrete, and wooden structures using visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and UV dye techniques. 

Video and still photography are used to give clients a detailed view of their assets.   Side scan sonar, multi beam sonar and magnetometers are used to provide bottom-profiling capabilities.

Glenn Underwater Services also employs a variety of other tools and services for inspections including:

  • Coring and boring
  • oxy-arc cutting
  • Metal detectors
  • Bathycorrometers
  • Inspection class ROVs with job specific instrumentation
  • Water quality testing and monitoring
  • Current meters

Glenn Underwater Services provides services for clients around the globe on:

  • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Power Plants – Nuclear, Fossil and Gas
  • Reservoirs
  • Bridges, Piers, and Terminals
  • Large Commercial Aquariums

Our experience in inspections includes:

  • Leak detection in pipelines, tunnels and structures
  • Complete inspection of hydro-electric structures, including penstocks, shafts, intakes, trash racks, gates and stop logs
  • Aquarium acrylics, complex piping and instrumentation systems
  • Submerged and buried pipelines and cables
  • Ash ponds, discharge pipes, and storm water outfalls

After the inspection, Glenn Underwater Services engineering department is ready to assist clients with environmentally sound solutions to problems both underwater and above.   Our team offers a turnkey approach to clients by providing extensive experience in management, design assistance and installation of steel and concrete structures underwater.

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