Remotely Operated Vehicles

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) for underwater inspection are an essential, cost effective solution, in locations where extensive penetrations and water depths are problematic. Glenn Underwater Services (GUS) provides uniquely suited ROV’s for lengthy penetrations (up to 3000 feet), access through confined spaces, limited visibility, and where defect mapping of large surface areas are required.

Robotic inspection equipment used by GUS is compact and easy to transport to remote locations throughout the world. Both ROV’s and Crawlers can carry the same instrumentation for inspection, target acquisition, imaging, and navigation including

  • Multiple beam sonar – 120 degree, 360 feet range
  • High Definition pan-tilt Video Cameras constantly record everything producing video stills and video clips of the inspection
  • Laser measuring system for checking pipe ovality
  • Ultrasonic Thickness measuring equipment
  • Acoustical positioning
  • Actuator arm with 100 lb. grasping and manipulation capability

GUS provides a broad range of underwater and terrestrial inspection services, utilizing a variety of sophisticated digital technologies to record images and data for clients around the globe on:

  • Hydroelectric Dams
  • Power Plants – Nuclear, Fossil and Gas
  • Reservoirs
  • Bridges, Piers and Terminals


GUS utilizes ROVs that “swim” through the water, using three-dimensional navigation for underwater inspections.


Similarly, GUS uses “crawlers” (highly agile, vehicles with wheels for mobility, through pipes and other confined areas), to inspect any pipe from as small as 4 inches to 10 feet in diameter.

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