Leak Sealing

Glenn Underwater Services is a global provider of underwater and subterranean leak detection, leak sealing and concrete repair.  Using diver technicians, remotely operated vehicles (ROV's), and cutting edge technologies, our mission is to set industry standards by providing our clients with safe, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to leak sealing.

Wherever water is being transferred for industrial applications, power generation, and cooling there is potential for leaks to occur.  As systems age, leaks become for more prevalent.  Leaks can occur anywhere in a system, quite often reducing efficiency, propagating additional damage and accelerating leaks. 

Storm water drains running under processing facilities can develop leaks allowing contaminated groundwater to infiltrate joints in pipes causing the effluent to be carried into rivers and lakes.  Leaking scroll cases in hydroelectric dams cause a loss of efficiency during electric generation and also cause subsequent problems as hydroelectric turbine components are worn down.

Of the many types of leaks, no two are alike, but they all cause loss of efficiency, excessive wear on components, and expensive repairs.  Often leaks can cause the process or system to be shutdown while repairs are being made.

Through many years of experience in the hydroelectric industry, Glenn Underwater Services has developed cutting- edge processes for precisely detecting and effectively remediating water leakage.   These processes have been successfully used in subterranean, underwater and surface applications.

Our extensive experience in leak detection and leak sealing provides the client with a thorough assessment of the problem and viable solutions to remediate the problem. Using advanced techniques and modern materials such as eco-friendly hydrophilic caulks, epoxy, and cementitious-based materials, Glenn Underwater Services can typically perform leak detection and permanent leak sealing without a major shutdown of the process or the facility.

On a recent project in the Caribbean, thousands of gallons of processed water were being lost each day.  In short time, a team from Glenn Underwater Services was able to survey and determine the source of the leak, stop the leak, and ultimately to save the client and facility thousands of gallons of water per day. Cost savings was over $1.9 million a year.

Leak detection and leak sealing projects Glenn Underwater has successfully performed include:

Hydroelectric Dams
Gates, draft tubes, scroll cages, concrete and earthen dams.

Acrylic Tunnels and acrylic windows.  Glenn has a patent pending system of underwater replacement of seals on acrylic window in large aquariums around the world.  This work is usually performed at night while the facility is closed so that the work does not interfere with the normal operations.

Intake structures, fire protection tanks, pipelines, and tunnels

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